Questions fréquemment posées

Do you provide a tracking service while underway?

Yes, we provide a global satelite tracking service so owners and others can follow the delivery of their yacht on the internet. In general every 9-12-3 and 6 o'clock and when a harbour is entered a new position will be issued. The tracking service also has an emergency button.

Can you provide only crew when we do not need a skipper?

Yes, in many cases we have provided only crew where a skipper is not needed. In general however - to guard the safety of the crew - we demand the skipper to be experienced enough for the intented voyage.

Can you also provide shipment of our yacht?

Yes, we have much experience in loading yachts onto ships and we can organise the total shipment of your yacht from the port of departure to the port of destination. Ask us for a quote.

How do I know that I will get top crew and skipper for the intended delivery?

As our background is in offshore sailing instruction we are able to 'cherry-pick' the best crew and skippers from thousands of sailors. Qualifications are not enough. There has been a carefull selection proces, a close guided coaching, and our skippers bring in a mountain of experience and proper attitudes.

Do you provide weather guidance to your skippers?

Yes, when our skippers are underway they will be in touch with our base about the current and coming weather conditions and optimum courses.

What other questions do you have?

We can imagine that you have many more questions regarding yacht delivery.
Please use the chatbox in the bottom right corner in your screen, leave us a message at or call/whatsapp us at +31 625 190 120.

What do you require from the yacht that you deliver or from the owner?

- Foremost the yacht should be seaworthy, safe and properly insured before the yacht delivery takes place. - Design, build, age and maintenance of the yacht next to instruments and inventory on board detemine the seaworthyness of a yacht. It helps to have a list of the latter available. - Safety is determined by the right quality of all the safetyitems on board like fire extinguishers, safety jackets, lifelines and liferaft. All of these items need to be 'in date'when we start the delivery. - The insurance of the yacht should be full coverage and adjusted to the total area where the yacht delivery takes place - It is adviced that engine (and sails in case avilable) are serviced before the yacht delivery takes place and fuel-, water- and gas tanks ar filled. - It is also adviced to have tools and sufficient spares at hand when the yacht delivery takes place. - Idealy cooking and storage facilities on the yacht should function. - All compartments of the yacht should be accessible. - There are many things Splendid yacht delivery can organise or bring along. Just let us know.